'Sishya' means disciple. The identity of a disciple is found in the disciple’s obedience to the master. This sums up the origins of Sishya ministries. After 23 years of ministry with Friends Missionary Prayer Band, God led Ashok and Sheila to launch Sishya Ministries simply as an act of obedience to the call of their Master, Jesus Christ. The initial days in 2007 were marked with uncertainty and waiting for a clear direction from God. But God proved faithful in that He not only showed the way but also established a vibrant team that forms the backbone of Sishya.


From a modest beginning of working among college students in 2007, today Sishya has grown considerably to ministering to young professionals, married couples, and remote communities. Having launched in Chennai, God has extended their influence to other metropolitan cities in several states in India. ‘Disciples for life’ is the driving mission that energizes Sishya and the team of committed volunteers. Sishya continues to value excellence in ministry and promoting a kingdom worldview in every given opportunity.